I believe that two aspects of my personality helped develop my psychic ability.  First was my great  love of reading, and writing poetry and fiction starting from a very young age.

It got me out of my head and into my creative, artistic flow state. I also loved being in plays/musicals acting and singing.  Second was my caring, nurturing side, the part of me that wanted to help every animal in need or the one that wanted to make sure the street musician got a donation as just a couple of examples of many.  These two aspects led first to a degree in English from University of Wisconsin-Madison, then on to get my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  I have over twenty years in health care as a registered nurse, taking care of hundreds of patients and their families in the  hospital at the bedside.  I believe using my analytical left brain along with my intuition as a nurse in a very empathetic, caring manner helped strengthen my connection to my guides and assisted in sharpening my psychic abilities. 


I got two messages later as I was spiritually awakening: A psychic told me I would one day do readings just like her, and an astrologer read my chart and said that I had a natural ability to do readings as seen by my planetary placements.

  I started doing readings professionally in 2007 when a coinciding opportunity came around to help in the family business, and I have since done hundreds of readings for people all over the United States and from different parts of the world.  I give people vivid details, names, and places.  I get tons of information, that have been verified as correct again and again. I also hear back often that my predictions are spot on.  I genuinely love and care for the people I read for, and want them to be happy, fulfilled, healed, loved, and abundant which I feel comes through in my energy.  Let me help you in any way you need. If you have ever known a nurse personally, then you know they've heard it all!  No need to hold back!  I also pray and meditate for my clients regularly.

Laurie has given me several readings throughout the years, that have always been filled with love, compassion, and genuine care that have been accurate and helpful. My mother came through, and it helped heal my heart knowing she is with me always.
— Lisa K


A little more about me…

I love to bake and cook.  I am currently writing a novel of spiritual fiction. I live in the beautiful Driftless region of Wisconsin with my fiance' and two furbabies my kitties Nacho and Freckles.